Casey Veterinary Services

Eastern diagnostics and treatments applies to many of the same conditions that Western Medicine is used for  However, one of the main differences is that the Eastern approach is to find the cause of the ailment and then treat it.  The Western Medical approach has taken the path of treat the symptom.  We want to find and treat the condition causing the headache rather than give you an aspiring every day. Eastern Treatments including but not limited to in our practice are:

Eastern Diagnostic and  Therapeutic Treatment


Tui Nai Therapy

Osteopathic Adjustments

Herbal Therapy

Lameness and Performance Evaluation

Interarticular Therapy

Digital X-rays

X-ray Consult

Blood Chemistry Evaluation

Vaccination and Worming Recommendations

Saddle Fit 

Shoe Balance

Skin Conditions

Respiratory Issues

Ultrasound Examination

Endoscopic Exams

Pre-purchase Exams

Reproductive Evaluation & Therapy

Stem Cell Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Western Diagnostics and Treatments

The benefits of regularly maintaining your performance horse through both Eastern and Western medicine are numerous. Like human athletes, horses preform at their highest level when they are at their physical best. Our practice helps ensure that your horse is able to achieve their best  performance level possible. 

A good trainers will tell you "happy horses out perform unhappy horses".  Most horses that are not happy in their performance endeavor are exhibiting pain- Examples of this are:  stopping at fences, bucking, running at the fences, poor racing performance, girthy, wringing their tails, biting when they are being brushed, difficult horses to be shod, are indicative of physical soreness. By visiting Dr. Casey regularly, you can help maintain your performance horse's comfort level, thereby increasing their over-all performance ability. 

Integrated Therapy